For me, the best part of being a Health Care Aide is to be able to help and support different kinds of people while maintaining that quality of their lives and Robertson College will support you throughout your entire journey.

Chona B
Health Care Aide 

Practical Experience, Everyday


With Robertson College, we give you both the education and the real-world experience employers are looking for. Through our in-depth healthcare and business programs, you receive hands-on industry training that will fully prepare you to start your career the moment you leave the classroom.


All of our programs end in an industry practicum, which provides you an opportunity to apply your newly acquired skills in the ‘real world’ and gives you the practical experience employers want. Once your practicum is complete, our Lifetime Career Services work with you to ensure you find employment in the your industry. Whether it’s after grad or 25 years down the road, we will be there to help you grow your career!


Small Classes = Greater Opportunity


Our small class environment means you have the opportunity to ask questions, participate in lively discussions and—so you don’t feel like just another random student-- have instructors actually know you by name!


Whether you’re looking for a career in business or healthcare, Robertson College has a program that’s perfect for you, and will make you career ready fast. If you want a fulfilling career with stability, endless potential - and a better paycheck - you owe it to yourself to explore a rewarding future with Robertson College.


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Practicum Placement
Guaranteed practicum placement to provide industry experience and employer reference


Employment Support
Career Services to provide training and assistance in securing a new position in your field of study.

Financial Assistance
Financial Services available to explore and assist you with tuition funding options.

Convenient Class Times
Half-day class schedules allow you to maintain your current employment and personal commitments.

Be Known By Name
Smaller class sizes provide interaction with your Instructor and collaboration with other students.

Start When You're Ready
Multiple program start dates allowing you to start when you are ready.

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Do you find yourself saying these things?

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- My paycheck is unsatisfying

- My job is unstable

- My career feels stagnant

If so, then it’s time to take action. In 12 months or less, you will be on the path towards the right career. With our employment rate of over 90%, starting your new career couldn’t come with less risk.

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